It's what we do.

Social Security is what we do.

Green & Greenberg provides representation to claimants for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits.  It is our only area of practice.

It is our mission to provide our clients with comprehensive assistance during all steps of the disability process, from the initial application to hearings and appeals.  The Social Security disability process can be complex and every case is unique, requiring hard work and attention to detail in order to achieve favorable results.  As our staff members focus exclusively on Social Security disability, we are uniquely prepared to assist claimants to navigate this process.

At Green & Greenberg, we understand the difficult times that our clients are facing.  We treat our clients kindly and with compassion, and we work with our clients to help them find the support they need from community organizations and medical providers.

We work closely with our clients to meet their individual needs while we provide legal assistance.  We strive to alleviate the burden of the disability process so that our clients can focus on their health and well-being during these hard times.

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