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We focus exclusively on SSI and Social Security Disability Insurance Claims

Since its creation in 1991, Green & Greenberg, renowned Social Security Disability Lawyers, has exclusively focused its practice on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. The firm was the first in the Northeast to devote its practice to the Social Security Disability legal field, establishing itself as a leader among Social Security Disability Lawyers. We are uniquely qualified to assist disabled claimants.

Since its formation, Green & Greenberg has retained its status as the premier Rhode Island Social Security disability law firm. It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional and comprehensive legal assistance at all steps of the disability process – from the initial application through the hearing stage and further administrative appeals and federal court litigation when necessary.

The Social Security disability process can be long and complex. Every case is unique and requires attention to detail and careful legal analysis in order to achieve a favorable result.

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When Should I Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Statistics show that you will increase your probability of being approved when you hire a disability attorney as early as possible in the claims process. The majority of our clients retain us to file their initial applications with them, thereby insuring the submission of accurate information designed to achieve quick, favorable outcomes. But it is never too late to hire a disability attorney, even if you have filed your own application or received a denial at any administrative level or in the federal courts. We can jump on board and immediately put our expertise to work to help you win, no matter at what stage your case is pending.

Helping New Englanders for 30 Years

Green & Greenberg has been here throughout the years to help New Englanders with their disability claims.  Take advantage of a law practice that has worked in this area with people like you for the past 30 years.

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We are here to help you to obtain your Social Security disability or SSI benefits as soon as possible. Let’s start the process today.

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How We Make It Affordable

If your claim is approved Green and Greenberg will seek a fee of 25% of your retroactive benefits either under the streamlined fee agreement process which limits our fee to $ 6000 ($7200 beginning November 30, 2022) or through the longer process of filing a fee petition where there is no statutory maximum.

In cases where there are no (or a small amount) of retroactive Benefits, we may file a fee petition for a so-called minimum fee of $2000 to compensate us for the work performed on your claim.

The Social Security Administration will make direct payment to your attorney of the authorized fee directly from your retroactive benefits in most cases.

If for some reason the Social Security Administration fails to withhold our fee as required under the law, you will be responsible to pay us directly. In such a case we may also ask the Social Security Administration to pay us the attorney fees erroneously released to you.



Some of your medical providers may charge Green and Greenberg for the cost of reproducing and forwarding your medical records. We will advance those costs on your behalf and bill you at the end of the case. Costs that are advanced must be repaid whether your claim is decided favorably or not. The amounts are usually incidental and if you need a payment arrangement we will be happy to comply.

You will be notified if there are any other advance costs associated with your claim, such as independent evaluations necessary to prove your disability. Those costs will also be your responsibility to repay whether or not your claim is approved. Again, we are happy to make payment arrangements if it is necessary.

If your case goes to federal court, we will also seek fees for our services before that court.

Serving New England for 30 Years

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Green & Greenberg's History


Founded in Rhode Island

In 1991, two top notch Rhode Island attorneys, David Green, Esq. and Moe Greenberg, Esq., joined forces. Before that they had already practiced individually in Rhode Island, representing claimants at all administrative and judicial stages of the Social Security disability process.


Thousands of Clients Represented

Since the inception of the partnership between Moe and David, the law firm of Green & Greenberg has successfully represented thousands of New England disability benefits and SSI claimants, helping them to receive millions and millions of dollars and entitling them to medical insurance coverage.


The go-to Social Security Disability Firm in RI

Green & Greenberg has more than 25 years of continuous practice as the premier Rhode Island law firm concentrating exclusively on Social Security Disability and SSI. We have earned our reputation as the go-to law firm in our area of expertise, humbly accepting awards, praise and recognition along the way.


Time to Take the First Step

Let Green & Greenberg now help YOU to successfully navigate the sometimes confusing and complicated disability process. It is our mission to provide our clients with exceptional and comprehensive legal assistance at all stages – from filing the initial application through the hearing, and further administrative appeals and federal court litigation when necessary.

Client Testimonials

Great firm. Very happy with the customer service...I got great results. I honestly forget the gentleman's name that represented me but he knows his stuff in and out...I would highly recommend this firm to everybody..really helped out me and my mother....thanks Green and Greenberg

Client Testimonials

I had Green & Greenberg help me with my SSI Disability claim. David was so attentive to me along with all his staff. Veronica would answer my emails usually within an hour. They fought hard for me and got me approved. If I had questions I never waited more than 24 hours (or less) for a return phone call. When my hearing was coming up during the COVID pandemic I was so worried it would be delayed, but they got my hearing done over the phone and within 3 weeks I had my approval letter. I was so appreciative of everything they did for me. I would recommend them if you are looking for help with your claim.

Client Testimonials

I would recommend Green and Greenberg to anyone who needs SSDI assistance. From my first call with Catrina I knew I was in good hands. Susy is amazing and made me feel like her only client. She returned my call always within minutes. Thank you to everyone at Green and Greenberg.

Client Testimonials

Betty Herrera was amazing and very professional. She really treated us with such compassion and care that I have never experienced with other law firms. She TRULY went above and beyond and I can’t thank her enough. We will definitely be coming back here for any future needs.

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