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THE THIRD STEP – The Listing Of Impairments

The Social Security Administration (SSA) follows a five step process in determining whether or not you are disabled. We have discussed step one and step two previously.  In this blog, we will discuss step three – Listed Impairments.

SSA maintains a list of certain conditions that it considers per se disabling. These are commonly referred to as the “Listing of Impairments” – or simply the “Listings.” There are separate Listings for children and for adults. The Listings generally relate to each body system (cardiac, orthopedic, neurologic, immune, etc.). Cancer and mental conditions also have their own Listings.

At step three of the sequential evaluation process, SSA compares your laboratory findings and objective exam results to one or more of the applicable Listings. If the findings match one or more Listings you will be found to “meet” the Listings and will be found disabled. If you do not meet a Listing your condition may still be found to be the medical equivalent of a Listed condition. An Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) usually needs a medical opinion on whether someone meets or equals a Listing.

Step three merely provides a shortcut to disability for cases that SSA has determined to be per se disabling. If you do not meet or equal a Listing you may still be considered disabled under step five of the sequential evaluation process if you are unable to perform your past relevant work and all other work.

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