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Media Monitoring: June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023

NOSSCR’s Media Monitoring aims to keep its readers informed about the latest updates, trends, and discussions happening in social security in adjacent spaces. Stories, columns, or other pieces included in media monitoring do not reflect the views or opinions of NOSSCR as an organization.


2024 Republican Candidate Mike Pence’s Take on Social SecurityUSA TodayIn a town hall Wednesday, former Vice President Mike Pence tried to set himself rivals for the GOP nomination for President by emphasizing his conservative positions on Social Security and other issues. Pence left open the door to changing the eligibility for Social Security as part of his tough talk on the need to tackle the nation’s growing debt. Unlike GOP frontrunner and former President Donld Trump–who has said Republicans shouldn’t touch Social Security and Medicare–Pence argues the popular entitlement programs have to be changed because they’re big drivers of the debt. Biden Back on the Attack — Hits GOP for Threatening Social SecurityPoliticoThis week, the White House has begun warning anew that Republicans are coming after those social insurance programs, in what seems destined to be an oft-repeated line between now and November 2024. The White House has released a memo slamming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and House Republicans after the Speaker recently announced a new commission focused on reducing the deficit through entitlement reform. The White House claims the decision breaks a commitment the President extracted from House Republicans in a heated exchange during the State of the Union.


Who Would Have to Work for Government Benefits Under the Debt Ceiling PackageCNNWork requirements in two safety net programs for low-income Americans are set to change under the compromise debt ceiling package negotiated by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Broadening work requirements was one of the main sticking points of the deal, with House Republicans demanding additional mandates, many Democratic lawmakers voicing concerns and Biden opening the door to allowing some modifications of the current rules. New requirements have been put into effect for some SNAP and TANF recipients; despite pressure from Republicans, the debt ceiling deal did not include federal work requirements for Medicaid recipients.


Long-COVID Isn’t Over, but There’s a Way to HelpNorth Star JournalIn an op-ed for the North Star Journal, NOSSCR Board Member Rick Fleming urges the Administration to release a draft policy interpretation that reduces the burden of proof on applicants in establishing the debilitating nature of Long-COVID. Fleming points out the wide variety of debilitating symptoms that could and should qualify claimants for SSDI benefits.