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Is Social Security Going to Ask Me To Go To a Consultative Examination?

A Consultative Examination (CE) is an exam ordered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to assess physical or psychiatric conditions. Reviewing recent statistics it is clear that it is not at all certain under what circumstances SSA will order a CE. In Hawaii, for example, in only 11.6 percent of disability cases were claimants sent for a CE. Contrast that with New York and Puerto Rico which ordered CEs in 57.5 percent and 61.5 percent of cases respectively. The rate at which SSA orders CEs, despite popular belief, is not correlated to the percentage of the population who are uninsured. The Social Security Administration states it prefers to have treating providers conduct a CE, but no data is gathered to determine how often that happens.

David Spunzo is a Rhode Island native, a graduate of LaSalle Academy, Providence College, and the New England School of Law.